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What we do.

Help you create your dream travel experience.

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Researching & Designing a vacation is a luxury service I share with you, my client, as your vacation planner. This service is based on my expert experience with travel in many vacation locations, spending the time exploring what the BEST options are in each destination, then designing the perfect vacation itinerary for my clients.

Client relationships are a focus for us. Getting to know you means I can design the best experience for you. We will chat about what your vision is for the experience you want to have on your vacation.


Your Investment: You are investing money into this experience and I am committed to making your investment worth every penny. The Research & Design Fee is paid up front, before any research or design is completed. This fee is non-refundable.


Research: You sit back and relax while I research the best destinations, resorts, and experiences for the destination of your choice. Then, we chat to discuss pricing and the booking process so we can start the Design phase of your vacation!


Design: A tailored vacation plan is designed specifically for you and your guests' needs - all based on my first hand experience as a seasoned traveler - and is given to you before you travel. I will also keep you updated on any travel advisories and help you navigate any changes needing to be made between booking and when you travel - this is important especially when traveling during a pandemic. While you are traveling, I am still available to help you navigate your way, ensuring your vacation is as smooth as possible.


Research & Design helps take the stress out of vacation planning for you! Let me deal with the details, you just show up for the fun and relaxation!


Traveling is my passion and helping others create memorable experiences is the best part of my job!

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