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Sarah Roy

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My Story

My love of travel is rooted deeply in my soul, straight from my family roots. My grandmother was an avid traveler - even owned her own airport and was one of the first women to do this her entire career. Her son, my dad, has been flying since the age of 12 and has been a captain with a major airline for over 35 years. So, you could say, wanderlust was passed down straight to me! 

I am a dreamer and a planner at heart. I thrive on structure and making sure things go to plan, but face any obstacles as an adventurous challenge. Be sure to check out my blog that tells more of my story. 

Making travel accessible and easy while providing a luxury planning and design service is what I provide. Each client, each trip or experience, is unique and deserves the most unique design to make it all happen, tailored to the individual or group. This is where I come in and make that experience and travel dream come true for you, my client.

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