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First Friday Favorites : Using a Travel Agent in 2024

Four reasons to utilize a travel agent for your travel experiences this year.

With a new year comes new adventures, new opportunities and a renewed sense of living life to the fullest.

One thing I cannot wait to bring you in 2024 is the First Friday Favorites blog series! This blog series will run the first Friday of each month, outlining some of my favorite things and, in some cases, some client favorites!

While focusing on making travel easier for you, these posts will bring you the latest travel trends and provide expert knowledge for the areas of travel I focus in - I hope to help make 2024 your best travel year yet!

Up first this First Friday of 2024, I want to chat about my top three favorite reasons for using a travel agent (or travel advisor, or travel professional, or travel expert - whatever term is used by you) this year.

F O U R  •• Savings

As your travel advisor I am constantly aware and watching for discounts and offers from my suppliers - the places you want to book!

I have saved my clients THOUSANDS over the years in a few different ways: discounts/offers, knowledge of low & high seasons, better access to booking engines, foreseeing any unknown hidden costs and avoiding them.

T H R E E •• Time

In the end, I save you so much time. From the moment you reach out with travel ideas I help you figure out where you want to visit (if you don’t already know), help you book all facets of the trip, plan the details WITH you and your travel companions in mind to tailor the trip to what you want, advise pre travel, am present during travel and help with anything post travel as well.

All of these factors help you save so much time by allowing my expertise to help refine your ideas and execute the plan to make your dream trip happen.

TWO •• Unforeseen Circumstances

Its inevitable. Something might go wrong when you travel. It happens to the best of us!

One major perk of using a travel agent is that I am here to help those unexpected negative surprises from happening, before they happen.

And if I can’t, well, I am here to deal with them with you - we are a team. This is one of my FAVORITE things about my job : helping clients when they have moments of distress and problem solving on the go.

Especially if it means you can sit back and enjoy your travels while I handle the mess.

O N E •• You have a REAL human on your side

When you book with big companies that book you and leave you, you don’t get the customer service you deserve.

Phenomenal customer service is one thing I pride myself on having. It is what MAKES your experience. Poor customer service or non existent customer service can break your experience.

I am here, live, to help you answer questions, deal with any issues that arise and get excited WITH you about your trip!


When you go to plan your next travel experience this year, consider utilizing my expertise. It would be such a joy to plan with you! My passion is helping others plan travel experiences that will provide lasting impressions for a lifetime.

See what destinations you can book with Lasting Impressions Travel here. Ready to book? Fill out our interest form here!

What destination are we planning together first?

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