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The Answer to Stress Free Destination Wedding Planning

As rain pours over Houston, I don't feel one drop of the rainy day blues, because the joy from this weekend spills over into this week, lighting up the gray day here at home.

This weekend brought with it the Houston Bridal & Wedding Expo and so many lovely couples and their beautiful love stories. I love a great story, don't you?

I listened to a pandemic love story, a belated wedded bliss love story, a story of young love, a story of faith that brought two people together in miraculous ways. It was just refreshing to hear of the many ways people have been blessed by love.

For me, the story is so important in every part of life. Love, loss, hardship, birthdays, accomplishments, weddings - there is always a story behind each event, each milestone. One part of life is also experiencing travel and using it as a way to celebrate these milestones. And the fact that my JOB is to help create that part of your story is one of the biggest blessings in my life.

I don't get to take all the trips with you (unless you choose my guided travel option), but allowing me to help create your experience, is just as good as being there with you to experience it.

One bride told me that she had always dreamed of getting married on white sand, with that bright blue water - many brides dream of this. But this one, this bride, had such a bright spark in her eye when she talked about what she envisioned on the day she would celebrate her love story with her fiancé. You could feel the dream of that beach wedding radiate off of her.

It is these moments that I L O V E. Getting to help a bride bring her vision to life for her destination wedding.

The moment that a groom discreetly sends me his contact information so that he can plan the surprise honeymoon for his bride - she has zero clue.

The moment the mother of the bride gets teary seeing the weight of planning a destination wedding and all its stress lift off of her daughter. She can now ENJOY the destination wedding and leave the stress up to me.

The moment the couple who thought they could never afford their dream honeymoon realizes that with my help, they C A N.

The moment a bride, unable to find any place she loves for her destination wedding FINDS IT.

These are the moments, the experiences that I want my couples to have.

Destination weddings are hard to plan. There are a thousand and one details. So many moving parts and often times, it involves hundreds of people to coordinate for travel, and booking, and individual needs for each of those people. There are foreign countries to communicate with and multiple departments at the resort to plan with.The list goes on. It is daunting, for sure, I know.

So what's the answer to the question of making it easier?

It's me. I am the answer!

One other thing I know for sure, is that it doesn't have to be daunting. I enjoy those details - the ones that are scary stressful. The tasks of coordinating hundreds of people while simultaneously helping the bride figure out the ceremony details - it may sound weird to some, but I enjoy every aspect of it. It is a challenge to me. Something to sift through and manage that leads to the best part. A couple getting to NOT worry, NOT stress, not feel weighed down. It leads to someone getting to experience the moment they've dreamed of.

What better end is there to a challenge, than one that ends with you knowing you made a difference in someone else's story?

Destination weddings and honeymoons shouldn't be stressful to plan. They shouldn't feel like a check box on your "to-do" list. They should be the moment you look forward to in celebration of your story. Just that, a celebration experience.

I am so excited for my new couples from this weekend and feel incredibly blessed that they chose me to help bring their vision to reality, that I get to help this part of their story come to life.

Travel of any kind is such a gift and something everyone deserves to have as part of their story. I can't wait to help you add it to yours.

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