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New Site, Same Luxury Service

Finding your passion in life is a blessing, but what makes the blessing even bigger is being able to share your passion with others. Launching this new site is a great way for me to make our partnership in planning seamless and share my passion with each of you!

Helping you design your dream vacation or travel experience is something that truly sets my heart on fire.

I love the challenge of researching countries, cultures, adventures and experiences in new places, then tailoring those experiences to Y O U and those you are traveling with.

I thrive on structure, so designing the perfect itinerary for your travels is something I truly enjoy!


Often, I am asked, "what is the benefit of using you versus booking my vacation on my own"?

Quite simply, I do all the work, you experience all the fun.

Let me take a moment to explain this further. From the moment you contact me and we chat about what it is you want to experience, I am already pulling from my own, personal travel expertise, on the ground, in these countries. So, you can have peace of mind that I truly KNOW what to plan, how to organize it all and have first-hand knowledge to share to help create your vacation.

When we have worked together to find a destination, I then provide you with options that fit not only your financial budget but also the vision you have for this experience that you are investing in. Your vision needs to come to fruition and I can't wait to help make that happen!

Once we get your vacation booked, I don't just leave you alone to do the rest. I am there every step of the planning process, keeping up with travel reminders, changes in travel requirements, booking windows and most importantly I am still there during travel in case you need any help navigating the ins and outs of traveling.

Allowing me to be your vacation researcher and designer means you aren't in this alone to figure it all out. You get to take advantage of my expertise in travel and travel planning. You are utilizing the luxury service I offer - a luxury service that ensures your investment in travel is worth every penny.

What exactly is this "luxury service"?

When you book with me you will experience the luxury service of a well researched, well designed vacation that fits the needs of every guest in your traveling party.

This includes many different aspects of travel, depending on the type of vacation you want:

When talking about Disney, one example of a luxury service we provide is being up in the wee hours of the morning to book your dining at 60 days out, instead of you having to navigate that process. It also means you get all my tips and tricks for the parks, too! These are exclusive detailed itineraries that only my clients receive.

When traveling to a foreign country, this means I have well written notes of getting through customs so that you aren't stuck waiting because there may be something you've missed. It means my experiences through trial and error in foreign places ensures we avoid all trials we can for your vacation.

When you book a guided tour with me, the luxury service is that I have researched, designed and already experienced the destination. The best part - I am traveling WITH your group to ensure the most phenomenal experience. Basically, you just book it, show up and follow me!

Vacationing and traveling in luxury should begin the moment you've reached out to us, not just upon arrival at the destination.


Vacations are an investment for you and we believe that you deserve to get the best of the best when investing not only your money, but your precious time.

Our luxury vacation research and design services are a sure way to make your investment worth every penny.

So, welcome, fellow travelers, to our new website that showcases all we have to offer that includes our luxury travel service.

If you are ready to make an investment in your travel dreams, please visit our "contact" page and fill out our form to begin using this luxury vacation design service we are so excited to offer you!

And, if you aren't sure where to begin, find our interest form on the "contact"page and let us walk you through some of the amazing options we have to offer for a travel experience.

We can't wait to share our passion for travel experiences with you!

Best wishes and safe travels,


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